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The NSCA Highlights provide an overview of milestones and achievements throughout our history.

 NSCA Highlights 2013 

January, 2013

  • NSCA warns members that despite passage of a budget bill to extend the majority of the Bush-era tax cuts and avert the fiscal cliff, the nation's deficit reduction issues are far from over. NSCA advises that in the next few months, project directors will need to increase levels of Advocacy. With the sequester date moved to March 1 and the FY 2013 Continuing Resolution set to end at the end of March, NSCA promised to be fully engaged in securing continued funding for Senior Corps. NSCA further warns that with many Members of Congress calling for deeper cuts to non-defense discretionary programs, the risks to Senior Corps remain very real in 2013.
  • NSCA urges project directors to strengthen relations with Members of Congress - old and new – utilizing a "welcome package" for new members. NSCA continues to stress the fact that building relationships is the most significant activity that contributes to an effective strategy in Washington.
  • NSCA receives numerous positive comments and recommendations about the new NSCA website – www.nscatogether.org.  Among other objectives, the new website was designed to allow all members the opportunity to share expertise and program materials with colleagues. NSCA encourages project directories can contribute best practices, program forms, etc.
  • As a means to increase visibility on the local level and increase Senior Corps funding, NSCA urges project directors to contact local media to arrange for stories and/or interviews with volunteers about the impact they are making in your community. NSCA promises to share stories in a broader national network through Facebook,Twitter and through NSCA Advisory Council members.

February, 2013

  • NSCA explains through e-Alert the impact of sequestration on Senior Corps programs. NSCA urges Senior Corps staff, volunteers and program supporters to email and call Members of Congress with the message: "Stop funding cuts for Senior Corps and National Service. Please pass a balanced deficit reduction plan that protects seniors, children, families, and our economic future." 
  • SCP and FGP Program Committees engage in advocacy for SCP/FGP Recompetition 2014, part of the current Domestic Volunteer Service Act (DVSA) proposed changes by CNCS. 
  • NSCA Board meets in Washington, DC. Meetings take place with Dr. Tan and Corporation staff. 
  • NSCA participates in 10th Annual Friends of Service National Service Awards Reception at Union Station.
  • In response to project director concerns, SCP Committee engages in advocacy opposing new Performance Measurement Requirements established by CNCS regarding SCP placement in independent vs. assisted living arrangements. 
  • SCP Committee member, John Bringewatt, is member of AmeriCorps National Performance Measures Pilot 2012-2013 Output Instrument packet for Independent Living Services.
  • FGP and SCP Program Committees educated their respective legislators concerning DVSA language and regulation changes and the impact on SCP/FGP.    

March, 2013

  • NSCA reports that while the Continuing Resolution will continue funding of most programs at FY12 levels, the sequester resulted in a reduction of 5.1% in most domestic discretionary accounts for the remainder of FY13, including Senior Corps. In actuality, CNCS reduces FGP and SCP funding by 4%, and not 5.1%. Additionally, CNCS does not reduce funding for RSVP. Relinquishment funds that were not recompeted are used to maintain current grant funding. 
  • With elimination of national service in Congressman Paul Ryan’s (R-OH) proposed budget, NSCA urges members to continue building relationships with all Members of Congress. NSCA focuses education efforts on the majority members of the Labor, Health and Human Services.  
  • New Board members are elected for the position of President and Secretary and the Program representatives in the Atlantic, North Central and Pacific Clusters. Term starts July 1, 2013.

April, 2013

  • NSCA reports details on impact of proposed 2014 budget for Senior Corps. The language for RSVP competition in FY 2015 requests more flexibility by opening up competition nationally rather than limiting RSVP competition to the same geographical area. The budget requests authority for expanding competition to FGP and SCP, but not before 2015. Competition would also be open nationally.
  • NSCA RSVP Committee prepares two position papers for presentation to the Corporation for National and Community Service, one on the elements of RSVP Competitive Grant Process with the other offering feedback on the CNCS Strategic Plan.
  • NSCA, in collaboration with National Association of Foster Grandparent Program Directors, sponsors national conference in Kansas City, MO "Managing Change for a Better Future". NSCA Board members serve as workshop presenters. 

 May, 2013 

  • NSCA announces details of 2014 National Senior Corps Conference May 13-15 in San Antonio, TX. NSCA invites collaboration with NAFGPD.
  • FGP, RSVP and SCP Committees provide representation on National Senior Corps Conference Committee.
  • NSCA submits 2014 Congressional Budget Request to Congress. NSCA maintains position that RSVP should be made whole by restoring funding that was previously cut and that FGP and SCP continue at the 2012 levels. Taken from the NSCA budget request, "RSVP provides critical support to thousands of small, non-profits that are the primary safety net for low income families in rural and inner city areas. RSVP keeps many organizations afloat and makes sure our safety net helps everyone in need. NSCA requests $69,300,000 for RSVP and $110,565,000 for the Foster Grandparent Program and $46,722,000 for the Senior Companion Program. This is a total Senior Corps expenditure of $244,986,540. This level of funding will provide for continued support to existing Senior Corps sponsors.
  • NSCA expresses concern to Congress regarding language to institute re-competition in the Senior Companion and Foster Grandparent Programs, and changes to the authorized language for RSVP as set forth in the Edward M Kennedy Serve America Act. While the National Senior Corps Association embraces and supports the concept of re-competition for Senior Corps grants, NSCA maintains responsibility of changing the law governing the Senior Corps programs rests with the Authorizing committee. NSCA requests that none of the funds in this Act be used to administer re-competition of Senior Corps programs, except as authorized by the Edward M Kennedy Serve America Act.
  • NSCA RSVP Committee provides tips to project directors regarding recompetition including specifically requesting application feedback, starting early to prepare applications and reading carefully last year's RSVP Competition NOFO and the 2013 National Performance Measures Instructions.

 June, 2013

  • NSCA conducts survey to obtain input on the topics and sessions they would most like to attend at the 2014 National Senior Corps Conference in San Antonio, TX.
  • NSCA reports on new study finding no history of liability loss for volunteer drivers. NSCA shares full report and details through e-News. 
  • NSCA urges participation in CNCS Senior Corps Photo Contest"Senior Corps: Making a Difference for Generations."

July, 2013

  • NSCA urges project directors to write and email the Majority Members of the Senate Appropriations Committee to thank them for the Committee’s recommendation that Senior Corps programs be funded at no less than fiscal year 2013 levels. NSCA continues to stress the importance of developing relationships with every Member of Congress.
  • FGP Program Committee recommends that regulations allow for FGP volunteer leaders similar to SCP volunteer leaders.
  • FGP Committee recommend publication of a research review on the impact of Senior Corps.

September, 2013

  • NSCA Board of Directors meets in Washington, D.C. Sept 13  – 17 meeting with the NSCA National Advisory Council, CNCS and Members of Congress.
  • In conjunction with Hot Topic issues discussed on monthly conference calls, RSVP committee gathers feedback from constituents to frame discussion of key issues with CNCS staff. Topics include: diverse volunteer options, level of capacity for program, Financial Management Survey required on the competitive grant application, community factors that could affect RSVP work plans and budgets, flexibility to allow RSVP to be more responsive to local community needs, how to better reflect on the positive effect for volunteers while demonstrating the impact of their service, unduplicated volunteers with numerous stations, right sizing and various issues surrounding recompetition.
  • FGP, RSVP and SCP Committees each review and provide feedback on new national CNCS brochures.
  • FGP and SCP Committees recommend the elimination of the annual physical requirement and begin preparation of Position Paper for CNCS.
October, 2013
  • During the govenment shutdown, NSCA plays key role in gathering stories to share with congressional leaders, staff and others about the impact of Senior Corps programs nationwide and the impact of the government shutdown.
  • NSCA encourages project directors, sponsors and all program supporters to call or write congressional leaders and encourage them to pass a budget that allows for the flow of funds to CNCS and thereby to Senior Corps and to let legislators know what specific challenges are being faced in communities as a result of the government shutdown.
  • NSCA works with Senate Appropriations Chair Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) urging federal grantees and program managers to share stories of the impact the shutdown is having on the people they serve and programs they operate. While staffers were on furlough, and email and phones were not being covered in many congressional offices, NSCA informs project directors of Senator Mikulski's recommendation to call in to radio talk shows, utilize social media, and attract coverage by local television stations.  
November, 2013
  • NSCA provides legislative update following the government shutdown.
  • NSCA prepares promotional video for the 2014 National Senior Corps Conference. The National Senior Corps Conference Marketing Committee extends thanks to those who submitted photos of their volunteers for use in the video. 20 photos were selected from the 200 received.
  • NSCA encourages CNCS grantees to learn how to accurately record staff time. NSCA promotes viewing of a PowerPoint developed by MBI Consulting and CNCS, "Staff Timesheets: Requirements and Issues," explaining requirements. 
December, 2013
  • On December 10, NSCA informs members that the Budget Conference Committee Co-Chairs Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) and Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) announced that they had reached an agreement on a budget deal for 2014 and 2015. The deal, the product of what each lawmaker referred to as "tough negotiating" by his or her counterpart, would avoid another government shutdown until at least 2015 and would partially repeals some of the sequestration cuts set to take effect next year and the year after.
  • NSCA informs members that while the recent budget deal partially reverses automatic sequester cuts to discretionary domestic programs, the details still need to be worked out. The Appropriations Committee, and Congress, have the discretion to fully fund, eliminate, restore, or ignore any specific line item in the process of living within the new totals. Since the budget deal doesn't allocate funds to specific programs, hard choices are left to the Appropriations Committees. Agreement must be reached by January 15 - the deadline set by Congress in October for a new spending plan to be in place. 
  • NSCA invites members to share ideas for the SCP 40th Anniversary. NSCA SCP Program Committee forms a planning committee to create ideas for the celebration of the anniversary. Ideas currently in development:
    • White House release of statement recognizing SCP's 40th anniversary,
    • Distribute press releases to SCPs for local release,
    • Senate and House floor recognition/proclamation,  
    • Recognition from Voices for National Service,
    • SCP 40th anniversary pins,
    • Anniversary theme, Making Independence a Reality, with a downloadable logo,
    • Anniversary celebration at the 2014 National Senior Corps Conference,
    • Populate YouTube channel with vignettes of volunteers speaking about the program.   

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